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How hard should you clamp down while jelqing

How hard should you clamp down while jelqing

Is it supposed to be like as hard as possible, and then move all your blood forward to your head. This is how it seems to be in the videos. Or is it just a loose grip and push forward. Also what erection state should it be at?

Just a heads up since you’re new: alot of folks around here would probably ride you about this thread, since you could find the answer to your question from a bit of searching.

However, since I had the same dilemma and had to find my own technique to jelqing despite all the stuff I read, maybe I could help you out..

For me, it took a while to find the right level of pressure (I was too overzealous with everything, so excited to get more size). The best advice I can give to you, and this pertains to 99.9% of P.E., don’t over do it. Take it easy. So as far as your jelqing question goes, this means start out with a very light pressure. Just enough to move some blood around in there and get a light workout. Look for your P.I.’s, and very slowly and gradually increase your strength of grip/pressure and everything.

Just take it easy, start light and move from there if all goes well.

Happy gaining!

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