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how hard do you push the ruler against your bone?

how hard do you push the ruler against your bone?

Are you supposed to push it all the way as far as you can? Thanks

Yes. The idea is to avoid having the placement of the ruler as a cause for measurement error, so tight to the bone is the best way.

I push my plastic ruler in until it starts to bend, then back off until it’s straight again.

You might experiment with placement and choose something consistent. Being right handed, I prefer to align the left side of the ruler with the center of my dick.

Also, try turning the ruler 90 degrees so the numbers face sideways. That presents the long edge of the ruler to the pubic bone, and it will have to ride against the highest spot on the bone. I lose 1/4” that way, but it’s probably more “honest.” Might as well keep track of both measurements. My 1/4” gap has stayed the same even when I’ve gained length, so my usual BP measuring method is consistent though not necessarily accurate.

Press until you hear a “crack”, that is the correct way :D

or maybe until you feel pain, but try to keep the same pain every time you measure :D

Also, do you guys push your unit down to horizontal or do you measure it with the prick at high noon?

I measure with my dick straight out at 90 degrees to my body. Always have.

9 o’ clock is the best measurement to do. If your rulers makes you feel pain when you press it against your bone, get some piece of wood, like a pincel or something and then measure that in your ruler. Sometimes you think you have pushed to the limit and get a false measurement.


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First off, I agree with everyone on the 9 o’clock measuring position while pushing back as far as you can before you begin to feel serious pain. It should feel slightly uncomfortable as how far you are pressing it into yourself. You shouldn’t want to hold that position for too long, because it’s slightly painful….unless of course you’re into that sort of thing.

I actually have a question as to what stance your legs are in while measuring. I’ve been curious about this for a while. The position of your legs greatly change the outcome of not only NBP but also BPEL measurements. When you sit, you will measure the longest, followed by standing with your legs apart. While measuring standing with your legs together, and leaning forward will give you the shortest measurement. I’m sure you all have experienced this phenomena before. I was just wondering, at which leg position do you measure? (sitting, standing legs apart, standing with legs together etc…)

I usually measure standing with my legs together and leaning forward slightly to see the reading on the ruler. It’s more of a habit than anything else.

I have a question regarding measuring as well. My penis is curved downwards… really acute curvage. It points to about the 7:00 position. So if I’m measuring straight out with a ruler, would my measurements come out shorter if I just measure straight out than if I followed the curve?

I measure standing with feet roughly shoulder width apart I guess. I’ve never payed much attention to foot spacing before. I don’t think it matters.

When I’ve measured seated I’ve had the same reading as standing if I put the ruler in the same place on my pubic bone and maintain the same dick/pelvis angle as when standing.

Thelawhasspoken, for a curve I’d probably measure BP with a ruler to the tip and also BP using a tailor’s tape with the tape following the curve. That would give you two frames of reference. You could watch the difference between them to determine any changes in your curve.

IMO, measure everything in as many ways as possible. It doesn’t take much time. You’ll never say, “Damn, I regret measuring that way,” but later in your PE career you may regret not having an initial measurement of whatever for comparison. For example, I wish I had monitored my flaccid size before PE. I know my penis is longer now, but I don’t know by how much.

Appearance is deceptive because gains are so gradual. You see your dick every day and don’t notice the changes.

OK, I will do that. Thanks Hobby.

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