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How hard do you pull?

How hard do you pull?

Hey guys,

I have a question about manual stretching. How hard are you supposed to pull/stretch your penis? As hard as you can, just a firm tug, or what? I’m a bit worried about tugging too hard…

Many thanks.



Welcome to the board!

As with all PE, use alot of common sense. Start with a light to moderate pull and gradually over a several week time period work your way up to a greater degree of tension.

A couple of other things to consider;

(1) Always stretch in a non erect state

(2) When you grap your dick stay away from putting pressure on the area just behind the head on top.

A good warm up could be to grap your dick with the pressure along the sides just behind the head then slowly rotate your dick in a complete 360 degree motion. First clockwise then counter clock wise.

Following this warmup slowly pull in all directions holding each pull for 10-20 seconds.

Take it slow and read as much info on the excersies as you can before getting to far into it.

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