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How hard do I pull

How hard do I pull

Pretty simple question without getting into a great discussion. How hard on a level of 1-10 do you pull during a stretch, and is any stretch over 60 seconds just going to end up hurting your unit? Is it better to stretch for 30 seconds than 60? After doing a full rotation of stretches, how long should you wait before doing another set of left,right,up,down,out, all around? Also, when I try to fowfer stretch where you hold under your butt, I feel something, like a vein maybe, start to hurt in my scrotum :O

If something hurts don’t do it. Thats my opinion.

You should work your way up to longer stretching times.

Also pull as hard as you can but start off lightly and work up to the harder pulls during the routine.

This is what I do.
I stretch straight down for 15sec, Then strait out for 15sec, then towards my belly button for 15 sec. Then I hold them for 30sec. Then for 45sec. Then I do 2 sets for 1min. It comes out to about 10-11min of stretching.

Intensity ranging from 1-10. One being the weight of my hand, 10 being I’m trying to rip it off. I start out at about a 3 and end at about a 7-8. BUT if it starts to hurt I ease off. After awhile you’ll know how hard you can pull without hurting yourself at all.

Hope that helps.

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Please be careful. Remember that you can pull that thing right off. Don’t.

I pull to just before it would hurt. You get used to what you can, and cannot do when stretching. I’d stick with about an 8 once you work up to it.

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