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How far should I be from IR bulb?

How far should I be from IR bulb?

Hey everyone I have a question about using IR bulbs for warm ups. I was recommended to use a 150 watt IR bulb by firegoat but couldnt find any decently priced ones so I bought a deep dome 100 watt lamp and a 100 watt IR bulb instead. Below is a picture of both a 150 watt and 100 watt bulb compared side by side I got the one on the right. My question is how far away should I sit from the 100 watt bulb for the warmup? And how far should i sit if i want to keep the light on during my stretches and jelqing? I remember someone saying I can unintentionally cook my noodle so I definitely dont want that happening. Im only doing the noobie routine btw. Thanks in advance

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If you can touch it with your penis, you are too close. The greater distance you are, the longer your will be able to stand the heat but the longer it will take to heat up. A distance of a couple of feet or more is probably a safe starting distance but be very aware of your penis while using an IR lamp. To feel how effective a lamp can be, the back of your hand (with it’s thinner skin) is a good guide. I’m not suggesting keeping the back of your hand in the path of the lamp, just use it as a method to understand the ferocity of the light.

You can of course set the lamp further away and wait a little longer. Close up you are getting greater convected heat, further away you are relying more on radiation.

Though the heat from an IR lamp penetrates expecting it to penetrate through the entirety of your penis is too much. You will need to move your penis around.

Be extremely careful as you start to use any IR lamp.

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Thank you for the very informative and thorough post. I think if I remember correctly someone told me 12 inches was good for warming up with a 150 watt bulb while 15-18 inches was ideal for keeping heat during your routines. Ive only messed around testing the lamp for a warmup once and approximately anywhere from 8-12 inches seems like something I could withstand. Im rather young(19) with light PE experience and plenty of hours of recent masturbation so this may be different for others. Im still going to do more testing though as time goes by so well see if 8-12 is good for a 100 watt bulb or not.

Another question that I had is do you think portion a towel or something over my thighs would help? 8-10 inches centers the heat for the most part but I still notice my thighs getting reder from warming up. I still also am uncertain whether or not 8 inches is too close. Would covering my thighs and stomach only revealing my penis and balls help? I suppose if I do this I could move the lamp back a few inches

You can certainly go closer than I was suggesting as a starting point but it’s pretty important that you understand what you are dealing with first. It seems like you have the right attitude.

Yeah, absolutely if you can protect areas you don’t want to be warmed it will help but the thighs are potentially also giving you warning signs about how much heat you are actually applying.

I suggest you start further away than 8 inches. It’s a little close and what you are probably doing is trying to get to the convective heat range rather than using the radiant heat. It not so much about how quickly you can fry your skin as it is letting the lamp warm you through.

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Just go by feel. I also have a 100w lamp and i get pretty close. You just need to be careful of two things:
1. Never ever touch the lamp. I’ve been there and it hurts like a mofo’ :-P

2. Hide your balls.

Hope this helps.

Burn that tunica!

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