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How far did manual stretching take you


I really like this thread (and every other like it), so much so that I’d like to revive it.

Anyone else see gains only from manual stretching?

If you incorporated other routines, did you have any gains that you felt were decisively and/or solely due to manual stretches?

I’m avoiding the jelq in my next routine so would be interested to see people’s length (and possibly girth) gains from manual stretching!

1.5 in length. I would really like to gain that extra 1/2 inch to make it an even 2 inches but looks like I’ve really slowed down.

Start 2-3-08 BPEL 7.25" EG 5.25" Midshaft

Now BPEL 9.00" EG 5.50 " Midshaft

Long term goal NBP 8x6 - "The Magic stick"

I have said it before and will say it again.. Just take a look at the Biggest Gainers list. It will tell you what techniques that the guys used. #1 is manual stretching.

Jelqing always seemed to make my erections sub par. I started to do manual stretches only and I managed 1/8th” in 2 weeks. I was so happy I over did it and lost it a day or two after so I’m currently resting. I did every day or so and didn’t heat every time, only did up, down, and both sides 10 seconds each for the gains up to 3 times a day but I was a bit random with it all. Knowing the peak time to stretch and for how long is key.

Start: NBPEL- 5.25 BPEL- 5.75

Goal: NBPEL- 6.5

Long term goal: whenever my girlfriend starts to say ouch.

I haven’t all the posts so if repeating then sorry.

Manual stretching I think can take you far if you dont stretch hard.

I think stretching to the point that is just enough. Hard to find the right pull though between not enough and to much.

Routines where you add time very slowly I would think would be best, When You hit a point where the times getting to much then deload so to speak and build up time again.

Of course I never did this and tried to pull my dick off and now have a tank where a dick should be.


I think many if not most did the same.

I gained all of my length with serious manual stretching, no hanging.

It takes a while, and you really have to work on your grip, but it you just work it hard it’s just as effective as hanging.

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

Still trying to figure that out, so far I have gained 0.625” from stretching/jelqing.

Start: 17 Feb 2012, 8.25bpel x 4.92mseg; bpfsl=??; fl=6.5x4.5

Current: 29 April 2013, 8.875bpel x 5.8mseg; bpfsl=9.25; fl=7x5

Goal: 9NBP x 6.25mseg and the best EQ ever!

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
I gained all of my length with serious manual stretching, no hanging.

It takes a while, and you really have to work on your grip, but it you just work it hard it’s just as effective as hanging.

How much length did you gain? And how long did it take you on your stretch routine before you saw these gains? Your profile is incomplete and I’m not sure if your signature is updated fully or not. Just curious if the first manual stretch technique that you tried worked, or if you had to switch it things a few times before seeing gains.

Congrats on gaining,


Manual stretching mostly got me .75” in about a year. I added other stuff into the mix also but nothing for a long enough time to make a difference. The one thing that was consistent was manual stretching. I started pumping a few weeks back and will continue with that so after this I don’t know what will happen. I continue to stretch but its not as much as before I started pumping.

Starting Measurements 03/03/2012: BPEL: 7.30" MSEG: 5.100"

Previous Measurement 11/19/2012: BPEL: 7.90" MSEG: 5.250"

Current Measurements 01/08/2013: BPEL: 8.0" MSEG: 5.250"

Goal: BPEL: 8.25" MSEG: 6.250" <-- Just a bit above the magic | How I'm getting there --> Routine and progress with pics

Up 1.5” length and .5” girth. Been 4 years now and recently added pumping. Girth seems to be coming slow, about +1mm so far. Through it all has been manual exercises. They work.

Start (aug '09) 6x5

Current [(AUG'10) 7 x 5.25] [(OCT'10) 7.25 x 5.3] [(OCT'12) 7.5 x 5.5]

Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

I gained 1 1/8” in length and 3/8” girth (both erect) using only manual exercises. It too me a little over 3 months to get these gains. I have since moved on to hanging along with jelqing and have gained a bit more since then.

Wish I knew this when I was a young man! I can no longer accept the things I cannot change. It’s time to change the things I cannot accept!

My Story: Losing And Regaining My Confidence

Starting Stats: BPEL: 4.875" EG: 5.0" FL: 3" FG: 4.25 | 02/01/2013: BPEL: 5.875" EG: 5.375" FL: 3.5" FG: 4.25" | 05/11/2013: BPEL: 6.25" EG: 5.438" FL: 4.5" FG: 4.5" | 07/28/2013: BPEL: 6.25" EG: 5.5" FL: 5.0" FG: 4.625" | 09/17/2013: BPEL: 6.375" EG: 5.5" FL: 5.0" FG: 4.750"


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