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How Erect does it have to be

How Erect does it have to be

I just finished jelqing a minute ago, and my penis was almost flaccid when I was jelqing ( like 30-40%) is that ok enough? Btw I am going for length, not girth.

Personally, I prefer lower erection level like 30-40% when jelqing for length, combined with a downward angle. But opinions and results may vary.

I jelq at a low erection level as well, mainly working towards length.

19th Feb 2012

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I jelq at lower erection level as well.

There is a school of thought that says that if you jelq at high erection level, the chances of injury are higher.

Personally I believe it to be the case.

Hope this helps.

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Hey diddlysquat, the main thing about jelqing is not the erection . I mean, some people prefer jelqing with a 50 %

erection, some with 80 %; the important thing is that you feel the blood moving through your dick.

Chicken is right, in my opinion. More than anything you should want to feel like you are getting your penis to stretch in all directions when jelqing. In my opinion this is accomplished with anything lower that 85% erection. I say this because jelqing with something like a 95% or 100% erection, you don’t quite get that feeling of stretch; the inside of your dick is a little more restrictive to the stretching (girth wise) that jelpqing accomplishes.

As far as what percentages are better for stretching or girth, It’s my belief that the lower percentages are better for length while the higher ones are more geared towards girth.

Thanks for the helpful info guys

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