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How does your BC squeeze regimen go

How does your BC squeeze regimen go

I first heard about BC (back then commonly misplaced as PC) exercises years ago in a magazine. Later on I found a PE site that talked about doing squeezes during the day pretty much any time you get a chance. It even went into detail about different types of exercises. I have heard of people being able to clamp down during sex to delay ejaculation. Although I have not been able to do this, BC exercises have helped my performance to the point that round 2 usually lasts as long as I want it to. If the wife is wanting me to pop, then I can just squeeze for a few seconds and it heightens the sensations to the point to where I can pretty much spray on demand. Round 1 used to be fairly quick for me (damn near put it in and come) but BC exercises have helped that out a lot.

Now I’m curious what some of you do and how long you’ve been doing it.
What does your regimen consist of?
How long have you been doing it?
Do you do it everyday?
What have been the effects? Give us your story.

I don’t have a number of squeezes that I do, I just do it until I feel the muscle get sore. I sometimes count, I sometimes don’t.
I don’t do them everyday, I did in the beginning, and I definitely go through my spurts (no pun intended) where I do them everyday, but I do try to keep the muscle healthy.
It seems like I don’t have great control of the BC until I’ve been squeezing enough to “warm up” and have better sensation of the muscle. I also seem to feel the muscle much better if I have an erection.
I do several fast squeezes until I begin to feel as if I am losing control of the muscle, then I’ll rest for a few moments.
I then will do a series where I basically squeeze the muscle down as explosively as possible, then gradually release. This is hard sometime to maintain a gradual release because when I get the feeling of loosing control of the muscle, it tries to just completely relax all at once.
I also try to hold a squeeze as long as I can.

I mix it up between these whenever the mood strikes. I would like to see if anyone else has some different techniques that they use. It seems I have stopped gaining progress and I would like to change some things around to “keep the BC guessing”. I definitely have a lot more work that I want to do on that muscle.

Nobody has anything different they do?

Are you talking about Kegels?

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Here’s something I posted in another thread. I don’t think anyone has done the same sort of thing, but it worked well for me.

kingdingaling - Kegels

19th Feb 2012

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Yes, I’m talking about kegels. That’s probably the more common and easier term.


I think I’ll give something like that a try. You say it worked well for you, but let’s hear some details. What were your issues beforehand and how are things going now? Have you noticed the ability to flex super hard, can you maintain a full flex for more than 10-15 seconds without the feeling of the muscle control fading away?

Let’s get some more bodies in here. I’d like to hear some long time kegel exercisers chime in on how things are after kegeling for years.

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