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How does penile growth work

How does penile growth work

Guys I am familiar with muscle growth:

  • Use weighted resistance
    Cause microtrama (or micro-tears) in the muscle tissue
    Supply your body protein to repair

Complexities like taking time off, recovery time (time between sets), days between work outs, and other things taken into account.

So, if I were to apply these hypertrophy principals to the penis, would it work?

As in, I apply pressure and “resistance” to the penis causing microtrauma, supply my body with adequate protein, sleep and rest.

If I do all those things correctly, why wouldn’t my penis grow and grow (just like a body builder). Why are there some people who have been doing this for months and even years who are only like 0.25” above their original stats?

So in other words, how does penile growth work on a physiological level? Could I apply the principles* of muscular hypertrophy to them?

*NOTE: Principles, not actual lifts. I am not going to bench press with my penis.

As of 5/1/05 BPEL = 6.50" EG = 5.25" 5/20/05 BPEL = 7.00" (This is at the peak right before an orgasm) EG = 5.38" First Goal BPEL = 8.50" EG = 6.25" FL > 5.00" (haven't done PE since about August of 2005)

Getting back into it for a week now, same goals as before, but..

1/10/2010 BPEL = 6.625", EG = 5.25" ... Really wish I did PE for the last 4+ years. Who knows where I would be at.

Of course you realize you are not dealing with muscle here, but with a complex group of tissue made up of skin, collagen and sinew. A lot of us believe here that the principals of hypertrophy do indeed apply only with some significant variables. For instance, collagen cells repair completely within 100 hours. Whether they heal back bigger and stronger right away is yet to be proved. I personally think they do. But the process of breaking down penile tissue cells and letting them repair is more delicate and drawn out that with lifting. The question you ask in your thread has been debated and discussed probably more than any other topic, with the exception of maybe, “Does masturbation slow gains.” Anyway, before other vets jump in here and tell you, “use the search engine and READ READ READ! Let me say, Welcome to Thunders

Good Luck

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No Nukes

I think the reason some gain and some don’t has allot to do with technique. There is technique in weight lifting as you well know. And with poor technique comes poor results. I feel that applies 10 fold with PE, bad technique can mean no gains, or even injury.

Thats why it is better for newbies to follow the newbie routine. Wet jelqing is easy to master, I’d say my wet jelq technique was mastered the first 2 weeks. You need more knowledge to be effective with other exercises.

So read read and read. Or did you get that advice already?

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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