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How does PE reflect on your EQ

How does PE reflect on your EQ

Is your dick harder and does it erect more frequently while you’re PEing? What is the recovery time between two erections

If you do your routine correctly without doing any harm, then yes you will see an increase in erection s ize and performance. I’m on my third month of PE, and can visually see and feel an increase.

Story time!
I slept with a girl about 1 year ago. Long story short, she didn’t sleep with anyone else because she liked me so much (yea yea). So a couple days ago we had sex again and it took about 10 minutes to get my unit in her! After I did, it was the tightest vagina I’ve ever done! She couldn’t stop making comments (although some painfull :/ ) So that kinda backed up my thoughts on how I was doing. I also believe PE makes erections come easier and more frequent.

Hope that answered some of your question!

I f*uckin love hot food

JULY 30 2012 BPFSL: 5 7/8"" BPEL: 6" FG: 4 3/8-4 1/2 " EG: 4 3/4- 5"

OCT 1st 2012 BPFSL: 6.375" BPEL: 6 .375" EG: 5 3/16 "

GOAL: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5 5"-6" would be nice!

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