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How does PC BC excercise works kegel

How does PC BC excercise works kegel

It has been established that by properly exercising our BC muscles thru kegling, our erection and ejaculation would improve. But how exactly does it work. Lets drop the topic on better erection as it is more apparent, but how about delayed ejaculation, should you contract your muscles when you feel your semen is about to blow, just like when you would want to stop your urine from coming out?. Or does it play itself naturally.

I also noticed that it is far more easier to stop our urine than to stop our semen from coming our, and it’s because I can feel an involuntary pumping of muscles which I believe is the BC. So if the BC is properly worked out, can you now control this “involuntary pumping”?.

Thanks in advance.

Anybody?. Can you please give me an idea.. I thought this is a simple query.. Even sound stupid.. I just wanna know.

Just search for ‘Edging’ and you’ll find lots of useful information on this. In anycase, a short answer to your query would be that Kegeling regularly will strengthen your PC muscles. You need to clamp down on them as hard as you can, just when you reach the point of no return. If they are strong enough you will be successful in preventing ejaculation although you will land up having a mini-dry orgasm.


Will do that.. Thanks

Westla, where did you find the Articles Forum? Is there any information about P.E. in there? :)

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