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How does alcohol affect PE?

How does alcohol affect PE?

hey guys

after my PE session tonight I had 2 drinks of whiskey

right now i’m pretty buzzed and I was wondering

what are the effects of alcohol on PE?

does it have a negative affect?

those of you who have gained a lot, did you ever drink?

I just wanted to know, because if drinking does have negative affects i will definately avoid it

alcohol does have a slightly negative effect I believe. From my own experiences, it seems to make the erection harder to obtain/maintain, or keep consistent bloodflow through the unit.

If you’re drinking afterwards, that’s fine IMO. Just don’t drink while you’re doing it. That’s a road to disaster, as many will tell you.

Alcohol can be negative. The member forums here contain excellent information. If a few drinks impair your ability to follow the forum guidelines, access to that info is likely to be removed. ;)

Well obviously I would never do PE drunk, but afterwards..I was just wondering if it would hinder growth basically

In the spreadsheet I use for tracking routines and gains, I have a column that shows how many drinks I had the night before. I never PE drunk anyhow, but I’ve noticed a distinct correlation between lack of progress and having had a heavy night previously (I track gains on a daily basis). A couple of drinks doesn’t seem to matter, but a heavy night means PE is a waste of time the next day in my case. These days I time the routines (only a couple of times per week at the moment) away from the alcohol nights.

I couldn’t give a technical explanation for this, but it seems that taking a body blow like a heavy night gives your system enough to think about just recovering, with not much interest in growing.

Shiver, maybe being dehydrated the day after drinking affects your perceived and/or measured size. I don’t know. Personally, I doubt alcohol consumption has any direct impact on PE gains.

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