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How do You warm-up/down?


a heating pad is THE most convenient way to warm up and down i’ve ever used. and I think for this reason alone is going to be a big factor in me staying consistent for my 2nd attempt. The hot cloth thing was so inconvenient,

this way i just plug the thing in for a few minutes and start my warm up.

usually i do it for 5 or more minutes, sometimes up to 10. i usually start in a semi erect state, but by the end of it im usually completely flaccid, and in perfect time to start my stretches

EDIT: ah meant to post this in another thread, oops

I use a warm towel. It gets annoying but it still works. I warm up/down for 5 minutes.


Sep.12, 2007

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I like to get semi-erect under a heating pad for 10 min, doing kegels the whole time, especially on the warm-down. The point is to get the blood really flowing. I don’t use porn but if you need it, use it.

I usually use a hot washcloth for about 5 mins flaccid, but I think I should start semi-erect warm-ups.

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Originally Posted by Blind

So you that means you take like 4/5 baths a week?! I guess you gotta have a pretty enormous water bill ;]

You mean you don’t bathe at least 4-5 times a week? You’re a dirtball.

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Rice sock for 5 minutes before and after.


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