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How do you stay erect when clamping

How do you stay erect when clamping

When ever I clamp it would always go flaccid and I would have to keep stimulating it so would get hard again.

Porn, lube, stay close to orgasm for the whole session.


Originally Posted by Minus 0range

When ever I clamp it would always go flaccid and I would have to keep stimulating it so would get hard again.

Are you clamping as close to the pubic bone as possible, if you have a full 100% erection your clamping should keep it erect. Are you using a wrap under the clamp?

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You don’t have to be erect the whole time, just engorged.

Edge, edge, edge.

I’d never be able to clamp properly if I weren’t watching quality porn. To those who can clamp successfully with no visual stimulus, I doff my hat…:worthy:

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Originally Posted by baywatch
Porn, lube, stay close to orgasm for the whole session.

Perfectly said!

Now 8 x 5

Goal: 9 x 5.75

Porn, porn, porn and leg position. Legs crossed and squeeze as hard as you can.

Staying Erect while Clamping Should not be nearly as difficult as staying erect while jelqing. The clamp should act as an extreme cock ring. Clamp yourself at the base with a 50% erection(but not to tight, you need blood to be able to flow inside) once you get to 100% you can tighten a few more notches.

What I have found to be true is it’s all about the wrap, and clamping as close to base as possible. Only have the wrap wide enough for the clamp to go on, so that way right above it can get engorged, Get hard kegel then notch it down. Thats what I do. Won’t stay rock hard but it’s engorged going beyond it’s limit

Which clamp device do you folks suggest? I am assuming that after a month and a half I still shouldn’t be clamping yet, but seeing posts about it on the Newby Forum makes me want to try. I’m getting a bit bored with the newby routine so I’m reading up for the future.

I’m starting to feel like a lucky guy here; I just tell my dick it’s time for a clamping session and it stays hard for me, even if I’m balancing my accounts!

I still prefer the humble hose clamp to any other type. It takes a few seconds longer to get on and off than a cable clamp, but is infinitely adjustable. I use a wrap made of a type of support bandage with a very dense close weave and I use plenty of it. The idea of the clamp ‘biting’ my dick does not appeal; that would be an erection killer.

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