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How do you REALLY do the Uli #3?

How do you REALLY do the Uli #3?

I’ve checked out the tutorial and the original thread, but it is still a bit confusing to me, and I have to ask again because I don’t want to kill my dick. Is it basically a “halfway tourniquet jelq,” where you jelq with a very tight grip but only as far as you can go up the shaft until there is quite a lot of pressure build? I’ve also heard that the Uli is simply a squeeze and hold at the base, without any pumping, which is why it is often compared to clamping. The tutorial also says that the exercise’s precise method has changed a bit over the years, but there’s no definitive answer on what the final changes have been. What’s the verdict??

Westla, I appreciate the help, but as I have said I have seen the original thread and it still isn’t clear to me what exactly is happening, hence my question. I’ve been at PE for 5+ months now (October-January ‘06-‘07 and December ‘07- Present), so I think I am ready to do some more intense exercises to take care of my 4.6 EG. It’s just that I’ve heard so much about the effectiveness of LIGHT jelqing that it seems like what I am reading is almost counterintuitive: create a tourniquet grip and then pump as much as you can manage? Am I missing something here?

p.s. yeah, this probably shouldn’t be in the newbie forum, but I haven’t been able to post elsewhere yet…

What I do is I use a clamp to do an Uli I’m not sure I’m doing it right either. I’d place a clamp on the bottom of my dick to trap blood to engorge it as much as I can. I then do a jelq up holding it as much as I can bear. That’s it? The idea of an Uli is a jelq on crack, you hold the base to help push more blood in so you can apply more pressure when you jelq. I might be wrong but does that help?

Hey Pith,

Isn’t that more like a jelq squeeze? From what I understand the difference with the Uli is that the grip itself is like a tourniquet, and you only jelq as far up as you can go. Westla, the second batch of links was much more helpful… Thanks! I guess I’ve been improperly using the “titles only” search cause those didn’t show up. Good stuff.

When I do my ‘uli’ I use a pair of cable clamps and i CUT off blood flow. So what I do is a Uli I guess, you just clamp at two spots to get the pressure much higher.

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