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How do you measure

How do you measure

How do you measure length? Do you hold a kegel or just get hard and measure real fast?

Most importantly, be consistent. But I’d recommend being thorough and getting your 100% for measuring purposes.

I have a question about how people measure their BPFSL(bone pressed flaccid stretched length). As a disclaimer - I have read many threads about measuring, but this one somehow eludes me.

Most people say that they have a longer BPFSL then BPEL. I thought that I have a longer one too - my BPEL is around 7”(was a bit lower if I remember right…can’t measure now, and haven’t measured for a loooong time), and I always measured BPFSL simply stretching my flaccid penis straight out - this way I get ~7,4” BPFSL.

Recently one thing occurred to me - my erect penis isn’t SO, but is a lot higher, so I probably should measure my BPFSL at approximately the same angle. Tried it, and got a result of 5,8”. Quite a difference. On the other hand if I lower my erect penis to SO I get measurements of around 7,6”-7,8” or something like that if remember correctly. There is no way my BPFSL is even close to my BPEL. Am I measuring it wrong?

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