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How do you know when you've had the perfect workout?

How do you know when you've had the perfect workout?

People use the term “listen to your cock” alot in the forums to determine when to end a session… There are days when I do 80 jelqs and I’ll feel like im done but there are other days when I’ll do over 200 and wont feel satisfied. I would like some vets to let us know what indicators they get when they feel they’ve had a killer work out.
Is it?
-Penile Fatigue?
-A consistant feeling of blood being pumped (there are often times when I can almost “hear” the blood being pumped)
-Or do you just stick to your routine and let that determine when your finished.

I’m sure alot of guys want to find that “sweet spot” Where they’ve damaged their dick enough to grow but not to the point where they’ll injure themselves.
Thanks for reading,

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I think one needs to stick to a routine. “Listening” to your tool is very subjective and I would expect such a methodology to be ridden with injuries and over training.

If anything I think one should listen to their hands! Are the jelqs consistent? Is the grip strength equal with each hand?

Can you imagine lifting weights based on how you feel during the session?

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Very good question. I’ve been wondering the same thing too. I’ve been sticking to the routine for about 2 months now and still haven’t had any gains. Maybe some of the answers to the question will help me figure out how I can improve the routine.

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