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How do you know nerve damage has healed.

How do you know nerve damage has healed.

Like seriously this is taking forever, I’m avoiding chicks, avoiding masturbation. I do not want to re-bruise the site again, I’ll probably go insane if I was brought back down to zero. I have some feeling back on my glans, I can kinda feel heat. But I really can’t feel any cold on the glans. Can someone check for me how their normal glans is? Does running hot water on ur finger than putting it on ur glans hurt a lot, or is it like yeah I feel a little warmth? How bout with cold water do you feel it? This fuckin nerve damage is a fuckin bitch I can’t get on with my life, and I need to avoid what I need, GIRLS! I know yesterday I felt some tingling on my glans, and I was like aaaahh, tad intense nothing painful.

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