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how do you increase the base?

how do you increase the base?

i have been jelqing and doing horse’s but it seems like im getting a baseball dick. how do i get my base thincker. would a cock ring help, and if so how could i make one. thanx

How long have you been doing PE for? Because if it is just for a short time, you really don’t know what the effects of your exercises are yet. It takes a long time for PE to work, so don’t panic about what you perceive might be happening. Just keep doing your routine and things will settle out.

Just enter cock ring into the search function and you will get plenty of info.

I find it works all over and evens out the girth of your shaft. I actually started out with more of a baseball bat shape and find it has evened out alot. From the top down it looks thicker in the middle, but from the side it looks thicker at the base. Personally I like the baseball bat look, I think that’s why girls always think I’m bigger than I am.

For a while I thought I wasn’t really making gains, but then I realized I was gaining in the smaller areas where I don’t measure. So when you jelq, your penis will know where to put it, leave it up to brain number two.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


Vacuum pumping has worked very well for me.


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Hanging and stretching will make your base girth thicker as you ‘pull the roots out.’

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Nice link Melvin :chuckle:

But seriously, I have managed to add 0.08” inside a month and have heard of members gaining more than 0.12 in a month, almost exclusively at the base.


do reverse jelqs. Meaning from the glands down the shaft, but only a few (25) reps. That should even it out without compromising the workout you’ve just done, or the effect of it.

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I could never get the damn things (reverse jelqs) to feel right for me.

Well, they feel a little awkward because they are, after all, reverse jelqs, but they do the trick. If you have a foreskin, pull it all the way over your glans, hold it there with a couple of fingers and use your other hand to do the full motion jelq down the shaft. But with less, a lot less intensity then you would use to perform a regular jelq. And use a good amount of lube…vaseline works great.

Is that understood, soldier!!! :D

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Sir , Yes Sir!

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