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How do you grip it exactly, while jelqing

How do you grip it exactly, while jelqing

I know you make an “OK” sign with your thumb and forefinger, but some grips using this method feel better than others. When you jelq, do you squeeze the sides of the penis harder, so the 2 tubes on the top (forgot what they are called) feel the most pressure, or do you squeeze them more from the top and bottom. I don’t feel like blood is being sent enough from squeezing the top and bottom, but I just want to see. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

It’s hard to explain, but when using fingers you can’t really get a perfect circle grip, you know? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This might help.
Improving Jelq Technique

Just do what works best for you. For me I do a overhand hand ok grip with my left hand.

Put pressure on the sides and not on the top and bottom.

What sensation do you go for when you jelq? I myself am confused as to whether I should aim to apply pressure throughout the whole unit, or to force blood towards the head continuously.

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I put pressure on the sides with the okay grip, and typically squeeze fairly hard, taking 5-10 seconds per rep. I find this helps prevent red spots if you start slower and more quickly helps me reach full engorgement.


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I use a palms-down OK exclusively. I used to alternate between that and a palms-up (the “standard” OK IIRC, but I can never keep them straight). The problem with that was, I put too much pressure on the topside nerve with the palms-up, went numb, and had to sit out for 10 weeks. So definitely be careful that your grip isn’t putting too much stress on your nerves.

Other than that, you said that some grips feel better than others — focus on the ones that feel “right” and eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t worry about getting maximum pressure until you’re more conditioned.

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