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How do you do kegels Are there any videos available


How do you do kegels Are there any videos available

I was looking at the newbie routine and it says what the kegel does, but it doesnt say how to do it.

How do you do it?

You know when you go pee there are muscles you can flex to stop the flow? That is a kegel.

How do I do a kegel?

Well first you learn how to read. ;)

Flex the muscle that stops urine flow. That’s it, it is that fucking simple. Or if you need the detailed version, get a hard on and then make you dick jump by flexing the very same muscle. A couple hundred flexes every other day. As you get used to them, add some flexes and hold them for 30 seconds or longer.

Simple to do, hard to put on video.

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O, well I was doing that in 3rd grade but I never knew it did anything. I just make my member flex?? Simple enough

Springer, you have to read what people tell you. To do a kegel, you flex the same muscle that you squeeze to stop your urine stream in mid flow, or to squeeze out those last few drops. Very simple. Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t squeeze your butt cheeks to do them.

Don’t squeeze butt cheeks? What will that do? And where should I feel it?? Should I feel it underneath my scrotum?

Also, is it more important to hold it as long as possible or to as many as I can as quick as I can?

Read this: Locating the bc muscle It explains where the muscle is located. Squeezing your butt cheeks only means you are not properly isolated the BC muscle.

Do them both ways. One every 1 or 2 seconds or try to hold for several seconds or for as long as you can.

I learned to do it simply by, EVERYTIME I went to urinate, I would try to stop it. Eventually, I was able to contract it.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

I naturally do them when masturbating, which makes it more sensitive. I’m going to have to wean myself off because it makes me last a lot less time.

I heard it was dangerous, or at least unhealthy to kegel during urination as it can lead to urinary tract infections.

I think it’s the muscle where you stop your feces.

The ability to kegel is directly related to mental acuity.

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