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How do you do a reverse Kegel

How do you do a reverse Kegel

I read once that if my bc muscle is too tight it may cause ejacualtion so I should instead of kegeling reverse kegel but I can’t figure out how to do it.Can somebody explain please.

You know how to kegel, right? Stop your piss stream.

Push your piss out as hard/ fast as you can— that’s a reverse kegel.

Try it a few times then let us know.

Just try not to shit yourself when you do it.

Sorry about that. I was in a hurry when I posted it.

I tried It while during sex and it seemed to help a good bit. Alternated with regular kegels and reverse and I managed to get an extra 10 minutes.

Did you do it at the time of ejaculation or during the whole time?

I don’t mean to seem like I am hi-jacking this thread but I was wondering which is better? Doing at the time at ejaculation or during the whole time? Thanks

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