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How do you correct curvature

How do you correct curvature

My dick is curving more and more as my exercises continue. WHY?? Can I fix it?

Are you using both hands to exercise?

Yes, but maybe not with the same force all the time. They are two different hands, and have two different forces, and also, one hand is slightly deformed from a bone break, so I cannot apply the exact same pressure ALL the time. But it was curved more so from during girth workouts. Do I need to do bends to correct it, or what? Got to go, but ill be back to check on any-ones comments. Any comments are appreciated and useful.

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Hey guys,

What I do basically is jelq against the curve. My dick used to have a very pronounced curvature towards the left. By countering this bend every time I jelq I’ve seen a lot of improvement. It still curves to the left but it’s almost straight now.

Here’s how I do it:

- I always start with my right hand. Overhand OK grip with palm facing down and jelq towards the right.

- Next, my left hand. It’s a normal OK grip (as opposed to overhand). Thumb and index finger should form an upside-down V, which is easiest to do standing up. Then I jelq and gently bend my dick to the right.

Don’t bend your dick too much otherwise it will begin to twist. Just be gentle. In time you will correct this curvature.

Yes I know this is an ancient thread, but I don’t think it matters.

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