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How do you cement your girth gain?

How do you cement your girth gain?

I have been pumping for the past three weeks, this is in addition to jelqing and various other exercies. At this point I have gained 9/16” in girth. I am wondering how to cement this gain? Also, since these gains have been made by pumping, is this a normal gain?

Length: gained 1/4” during this time period.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!

Just do some clamping or at least a constrictors exercise (same as clamping but using a common shoe rope instead of a cable camp), or any manual exercise such as ULIs Horse440, Sadsak slinkys, etc.

Doing some downward stretches may also help a bit

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Well, if you want to cement gains… and congrats to yours, by the way…you just keep going. Thing is, if you haven’t reached your goal, there’s no reason to cement them. Once you get there, I recommend a routine of two days a week, for maintenance. Other guys on here might have a different opinion. Check with Base or Dino…

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Thanks for the reply gents, I appreciate the info.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!

They are very good gains in 3 weeks.

What is your pump routine? Set time, HG etc.

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