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How do you "cement" your gain?

How do you "cement" your gain?

I’ve this term, i am assuming where you make your gains permanent…but how do you do this?

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Start: BPEL 7-7.25 EG 5.25 11/05/04: BPEL 7.5 EG 5.5 02/22/05: BPEL 7.75 EG 5.5 "I'm sorry, I can't, something big's come up." James Bond in Goldfinger

I think the answer is to keep PE’ing for some period of time beyond the point where you achieve your goals.

I have a personal theory about cemented and uncemented gains, which I’ll throw out here for debate.

The connective tissues that form the penis are “viscoelastic.” This means that, when they are stretched with a constant force, they continue to elongate (“creep”) over time. One reason for this is that connective tissue contains a lot of water. When the tissues are stretched, some of the water is “wrung out.” This reduction in water allows the tissues to stretch more than they otherwise would. Tissues are slow to “wring out” and even slower to recover.

When we talk about uncemented gains, I think we’re referring to this artificially, viscoelastically elongated state of our connective tissue. Over time, the tissue will contract somewhat as water flows back to reestablish proper balance. Once this happens, you’re left with your cemented gains.

Other things may happen as well. As connective tissue heals from injury, it tends to shorten. Unless some stretching force is maintained to counteract this effect, a sore dick (reflecting an uncemented gain) might heal to a shorter state.

Regardless of the theory, the received wisdom is to keep PE’ing at a maintenance level, for at least a few months after you’ve reached your goal.

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