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How do you approach the wife with wanting to do these routines


How do you approach the wife with wanting to do these routines

I’m having a hard time finding “alone” time to do any routine consistently. I haven’t told my wife about wanting a bigger penis because I know she will say that I’m big enough for her and I satisfy her. How do I go about getting her on board. These routines are pretty time consuming and I have a normal daily routine. How long do I need to set aside for good results.

Get up a bit earlier or go to bed a bit later?

Yeah, I figured. How long for a good routine. I see things that say up to two hours.

Try telling her that you are doing PE for a healthier penis, and it helps erectile quality in both the short and long term. If you have great EQ already, just tell her that you have always done them like all real men should!

I just saw your second post 10ingoal. A routine should not take so long. The newbie routine is heat up - can be done in the shower. A few stretches (5-10 minutes) and light jelqing (5 or so minutes) and you’re good to go. Through in some kegels and you will be laying the good foundations for your PE.

Almost no time at all… and you can split it up if you need to. This is the simplest and most fun exercise regime in the world!

I say keep it to yourself, there’s a whole can of worms you don’t need to get into (search TP for some absolute horror stories). And I don’t think you need 2 hours per day to start anyway. I like zowee’s advice if you’re caught mainly because it’s mostly true. If you get nothing more out of PE than improved EQ and an overall healthier ding-dong then that’s more than worth the effort, so if forced into exlpaining go that route. Size improvements will come from smart, diligent and persistent effort. And remember, PE is a marathon not a sprint measured in months & years not days or weeks. Newbie Routine bro, good luck & steady gains sir! :D

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If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your desire to be bigger, then tell her that you’ve started doing some exercises to help you maintain your erectile function as you get older (which is also true).

How supportive is your wife with other things?

My wife told me I didn’t need a bigger dick, it was big enough, that I’m not small, and don’t do it for her. She is also very supportive so when I explained that I was doing for me and the issues that I went through growing up and how this would help me with my confidence, she was fine with it. I also told her I was having ED issues and this was one way of helping me with that. If she is not all that supportive, then maximize your routine for quality and efficiency.

My exercises take me only 20 minutes so with warm up and warm down usually 30 - 40 minutes max.

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I just brought it up with my girlfriend of 10 years and she was nothing but supportive. She of course tells me I’m perfect the way I am, but an honest heart to heart conversation about the hang ups and psychological ill effects I have suffered all my life since being a teenager just brought us closer together. I made her laugh about the Seinfeld shrinkage episode and how I suffer from that almost all the time.

I started the conversation with that, how I never urinate in public urinals, had nightmare locker room stories and really wanted to improve my flacid length for my own psychological piece of mind. She hugged me and thanked me for being so honest and understands the private time I need in the mornings before work to give PE a go. Since being so open with her, she has started getting more sexy and amourous lately too which is fantastic. My EQ has already improved and she has taken a more active interest in my member when she has always been a little “gun shy” in the past.

Our partners will always say they are happy with what we’ve got. I said to her that I know that but would you have a problem if I gained? She said no, I smiled and said well lets give it a go! Honestly, I have NEVER told anyone about my size hangs up and I gotta tell ya, it feels great to have someone in my corner :)

Originally Posted by OnceDaily
I made her laugh about the Seinfeld shrinkage episode and how I suffer from that almost all the time.

Almost always does the trick :)

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I wouldn’t say a word.

Though I am envious of those who risk it and found support.

I know my wife would find a way to make it her fault somehow.

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I told my wife. She was skeptical but didn’t really care. We have a very open and honest relationship, so I didn’t think twice of it. After reading stories here, telling your wife should be dependent on the relationship you two have.

My routine is very light, takes about 25 minutes. I have seen decent gains with it as well.

2 hours is ridiculous.

I split newbie routine in half. Stretches AM, Jelqs PM. Good for time management and I gained with it.

As to telling your wife, I advise you to keep it to yourself for the time being. It could be you get bored with this after a month or so, and we will never see you again.

I am a advocate for complete openness in a relationship. But I know sometimes this can blow up right in your face too. Basically you know what works or not with your wife.

But if you want her to know you need some privacy time but don’t want to tell her it’s for P-Enlargement, tell her it’s for P-Enhancement to keep your dick fit for the rest of your life. You are not telling a lie, and a little (or a big!) growth is just a pleasant side-effect of your “penile fitness training”.

And she may be relieved it is not for secret jerk-off sessions or whatever. Tell her you work your dick, just don’t tell her the entire truth about the objectives.

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Every marriage has a different dynamic. Can’t imagine being married to someone where there isn’t 100% honesty or the hassle of sneaking around doing things.

Originally Posted by Richard65

I am a advocate for complete openness in a relationship.

Easiest way to keep things simple and hassle free.


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