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How do tell if your penis is conditioned?

How do tell if your penis is conditioned?

How can you visibly tell if a penis really has been conditioned? Are there physical attributes that can account to this? I have read from those who have been pe-ing for some time that the same intensity becomes less effective over time. This of course takes some time to realise.(resulting from lesser or no gains with the same intensity used previously) Is the conditioned penis literally harder? Is there a visual difference between a conditioned penis and an unconditioned one?

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You can usually tell after your workout. If your penis is still rock hard and has a smile on it, then it is conditioned :)

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Other than the hardness? And also I don’t just mean temporary post pe hang. How does a permanently conditioned penis look like?

Well, you should be able to hit it with a machete and it should withstand the cut. Just kidding, of course.

I think that there is no way to tell if a penis is conditioned just by looking. Only you can know that, listen to your dick. If you don’t have a good feeling of your workouts, you don’t seem to be gaining, it may be time to change your routine.

^ Like others say just listen to your one with your meat-stick.

Maybe I am wrong but could it be if you always have a loose full hanging flaccid?

If everyone who condtioned their dicks had loose full hanging flaccids there would be a lot of happy guys at Thunder’s!

LOL! What the heck am I talking about. Well it was just a thought. A useless one at that!

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