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How do some of you do your routine's when your significant other is home?


How do some of you do your routine's when your significant other is home?

I ask this because my fiance’ has no idea that I use PE nor do I think she know’s what it is. It’s really difficult for me to practice PE exercises when she’s home, sometimes impossible. How do some of you guys handle that when your S.O. is home? And, I don’t think doing PE in the bathroom is going to work. I would imagine that after 30 minutes or more of being in the bathroom she would begin to wonder what the hell I was doing in there. Ideas appreciated. Cheers.

I never do any hanging or other exercises around my wife. Not that I think it’s necessarily wrong, I just consider it a private matter like your fiance’ does about her menstruation cycle. I’ve never met a woman who flaunts that part of her life and I treat PE the same way.

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Stay up later, or get up earlier. Problem solved.

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I just jelq and stretch, which is easily done in the shower. I just do less of it when She’s around, which may be a good thing for my penis to recover.

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Maybe try making her tired so she goes to sleep about 30-60 mins earlier? Or just get up when she’s sleeping? You sneaky devil you. That would work also.

I just get up real early in the morning, 4 a.m.

Here’s a daring idea.. *Drum roll* Tell her!

I’ve told my “S.O.” She’s totally (surprisingly?) cool with it. In fact, she seems a little excited.

I told her because my penis was taking a beating, and I didn’t want her thinking the little red spots we’re anything terrible. I went ahead and told her before she noticed on her own (thus avoiding the inevitable ruin of some sacred sex practice!). Plus, my penis is changing and it’s nice to get her feed-back and to see her recognizing the difference.

Seek your fiance’s support! She’ll be fine with it. Just be honest and straight-forward. You want a bigger penis because you want a bigger penis. Not because you are depressed and feel inadequate (necessarily). If she has a huge problem with it you ought to reevaluate who you’re spending your life with.

Good luck!


I’ll tell my wife after she makes a comment about me getting bigger. Then again, my wife isn’t the type that would say anything like that. She would just keep it to herself until it gets out of hand. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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If you really have to keep it private consider buying a self hypnosis tape for confidence or memory or summat that lasts around 30mins. Then explain to your s.o that for this mind improving tape to work you need to be left alone in a darkened room and not disturbed. Jelqing itself can be quite repetitive and thus hypnotic so I listen to a subliminal body change CD. Hope this helps.

My routine takes 15 minutes every morning and evening. I jelq, stretch and some ULIs.

I like long showers so my wife does not think much of it.

I think it is fun not to tell her what I am up to. Just getting her reactions. I will eventually have to tell her, I am sure, when things get so BIG that she just knows something is up………


She will have to know sooner or later. You know that right?

I let my wife in on it early on because she noticed the results and loved it. Now I sit and hang in front of her like it’s nothing. Sure, it’s a little embarrassing at first, but honestly, when you compare it to a woman getting a boob job, what’s the difference? A great wife will understand and respect what you’re doing.

I say tell her about it. This topic was one of the first that was shared with me by my SO. I never thought him weird or nuts. I look at it this way, there is always something that someone wants to improve about themselves physically and there isn’t any reason why another person should judge them for it. If you’re in a relationship, the best policy is always open honesty. She will more than likely have a ton of questions for you (great), but the best part about it is that you may find a great support system through her.

When ever I have somebody at my place, I at least do some stretching in the shower. Otherwise, I get up earlier in the morning and do some jelqs always making sure I can get my member tuged away quickly enough ;-)))

I do mine right in front of her face . She’s rather excited about it .


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