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How do some of you do your routine's when your significant other is home?


I’d rather be using my penis (than making it bigger) when my S.O. is around! ;)


She’s your fiance’? Tell her, but save it for that time during the wedding ceremony when the officiator says: If there is anyone who believes this wedding should not take place speak now or forever hold your peace.” Then you speak up and say, “I don’t want to stop the wedding, but while I have the bride’s and everyone’s attention, I’d like to announce….”

After I got hit by a car I broke my wrist and thumb my girlfriend just started doing my jelqs for me. She is a really special lady :D . I am not ashamed I think there is nothing wrong in making yourself bigger without getting embarrassed but I guess that might just be me.

I told her “about it” some months ago but not in much detail. The other evening I was working on the a computer and sitting there, pants down, hanging. She came in and sort asked “why are your pants down” with a tone quizzical but a bit condescending. I explained coolly that I was stretching my penis by hanging some weights on it, to help increase the size. To my surprize she said “oh like the kegel exercises”, to which I replied “yeah, sort of”. I then asked her “well does it feel longer or thicker” and her response was ” I’m not exactly sure, but it is better”. That’s ALL I needed to hear.


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