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how do i know if i'm stretching the tunica

how do i know if i'm stretching the tunica

hey all, i’ve been PE’ing for a little under a month and i’ve gained 3/8 inch with hopefully more coming cause im a 1/4 inch longer flacid stretched
i got some questions stretching thou

whenever i stretch i always feel my ligs getting pulled and not my tunica (or what i think it’s supposed to be)
whether it be in any direction
i dont know what this is but i always feel tension in it, i think its the top lig, i feel this cord that runs on from the head of the top of the shaft into the body
the bottom and sides of my shaft seem a little soft, like they arent being stretched to the max

does everybody have this cord that runs along the top of the shaft?
that feels like what is limiting my penis length


oh yeah, my LOT is around 7

Hi tacojoe,

Welcome to the board! Here’s a thread that was recently discussed about that cord.

If you’ve gained 3/8” in under a month, then why do you think something is limiting your gains? Those are impressive gains for under a month.

As for tunica stretching, try this thread.

And while you’re in the reading mood, read this also.

hey superstroker

thanks for the response

i meant that cord is limiting my penis size not my gains, without it i think i could stretch my penis a couple more inches

so the cord is called a septum, interesting…
let me read more so i can respond about this septum

Hhm, im still confused.

When i stretch i feel it in both my ligs and my septum.

In that post some said it was the ligs and some said it was the tunica, no matter.

I just want to hear good news. Is the septum easy to stretch? I’ll continue to stretch in all directions cause the septum is always being stretched.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I mean, you said that you’ve gained 3/8” in a month. Your penis is getting bigger, and it sounds like it’s going to continue growing. If your routine is working, then keep doing it until the gains stop. Once the gains stop, then try changing things up.

Ok, i see more gains coming, especially since i started using baby powder to get a better grip. I’m just having trouble with girth, but i think it just needs a lot more time

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