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How do I kegel

How do I kegel

I thought I knew how to kegel, just contract muscle that cut off the urinal flow, right?

Then I read on ; “In men this exercise lifts up the testicles”, is that what you’re supposed to do? When I do what I think is kegels my balls don’t move, I know how to lift my balls up and down. Have I missed anything?

Yes thank you, actually I’ve read all that but I got confused when I read the thing about lifting the testicles. I’ve been reading here for one and a half year or so, doing some exercises to and fro but I decided to get serious now :)

“The BC muscle can also be felt with the fingers by placing them between the scrotum and the anus.” My main routine right now is that I squat down (is that correct English?) in the shower and place a finger between the anus and scrotum, so I feel the BC work and do JAI’s and kegels. I stretch, do three kegels and count “1, 2, 1”, relax and do three kegels and count “1, 2, 1”. Then I continue like that to “1, 2, 100”. Do you think that can be a good routine?

Anyway, I think my question was wrong, what I wonder is if Wikipedia is wrong.

Thanks! :)

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