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How do I keep my foreskin back without having it cut off

How do I keep my foreskin back without having it cut off


How do I keep my foreskin back without having it cut off?, Please advise .


In what manner? What do you want to do? While wearing an Xleeve for example, your forskin will stay back…

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I’m wanting to be circumcised but don’t want to have an operation. Is there a way to keep the foreskin back?

I like the look and feel of the exposed glans, and would like the head of my penis to look circumcised.


Ye go for it… Until… Your glans starts to get keratinized and die like us the cut guys. You will regret that so much.

You could try stretching your foreskin outwardly so that the glans are more easily exposed. This is a process you can do with your fingers, just pull with one or two fingers of each hand in opposite directions at a stretch level that you’re comfortable with for 10 minutes or so each day for a couple weeks and it will stretch right out! I’m not sure if this is the answer your looking for but I sincerly recommend you do not get an adult circumcison

Originally Posted by tweek13
You could try stretching your foreskin outwardly so that the glans are more easily exposed.

Don’t do this : having your glans exposed requires your foreskin opening to be tight enough to be hold back by the glans !

You can simulate a circ with tape :

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I am uncut, yet have been pulling/stretching my foreskin back past the glans toward the base since I was 4 years old as instructed by my parents.

My foreskin stays behind the glans most of the time, except when in the most shrunken flaccid state.

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When I was a kid, one day I was curious and decided to see how far back I could pull the skin. After I had gently pulled it back as far as it would go (yes, there was a slight amount of pleasurable pain involved), I’ve never had to worry about the “sleeve” look.

Every girl I’ve dated can’t tell that I’m uncut and they all think I’m lying. Just be careful when you do this because I don’t know if the same applies to teens or older men. Whatever you do, don’t get the surgery! Best of luck!


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Are you suffering from tight foreskin or as you say, just want to keep it back? Don’t the glans like desensitise and stuff which makes sex last longer but makes it less pleasurable?? Have a word with the doc perhaps, I’m not too sure on that one.

Hi all,

At last I got a solution. I am sharing that wonderful technique here for PE readers.

“Autocircumcision is the practice of keeping the foreskin pulled back. It is practiced throughout the world by millions of men. Let’s discuss the nitty grtitty of this practice which could be termed as being ‘best of both worlds’ “

This group dedicated to those who have lived their lives with their foreskin permanantly retracted, who like having their penile glans or clitoral glans bared, who may have wished at some time to be circumcised, or eventually got circumcised. It is open to all males and females with an interest in this topic. A foreskin should retract permanantly from puberty. Surprisingly, many are unaware of this and have lived a life missing an enormous pleasure, some with a difficulty that training could have prevented.


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