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how do i do erect bends?

how do i do erect bends?

Can anyone please help me out and briefly tell me how to do erect bends? i saw a couple before but i can’t find the post on search now, if anyone has a link as well i’ll really appreciate it.

thank you

March? Anyone that shows you how needs took out to the alley for a good ass whoppin. :)

Stay away from that shit, it is not needed.

^^^ Yeah, what he said. Don’t try it. You’re asking for an injury.


Yeah, erect bends are extremely dangerous and are not generally recommended. There are a lot of safer alternatives you should try first before even thinking about erect bends. Here’s a thread on the topic: How about partially erect bends? Questions for the vets..

The best way to do erect bends is with the understanding that your dick may never work again - as a dick, that is; you should still be able to piss out of it.

Guess we’ll see you in the injury forum soon.

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