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How did your gains occur ?

How did your gains occur ?

I’m curious about how everyones gains came about. I’m a little over a month and a half and my flaccid girth has increased so far. How long before y’all noticed your gains and what was the time frame for your girth and length gains to begin ? Also did the gains creep up on you a tiny bit at a time or did they come in spurts ? It seems like for a while nothing happens for anybody then out of the blue growth starts coming. What’s the reasoning behind that ?

I have no idea why, but gains really don’t seem to come in a linear fashion. You’ll go several months without any change, and then all of a sudden you’re a half inch larger. (The frustrating thing is that it makes it more difficult to judge the effectiveness of your routine.) It’s a great sign that your flaccid is improving — that seems to be the first positive change most people see, with erect gains following not long after.

Here’s a tip for managing expectations: When I started, I took my baseline measurements on day 1, then I promised myself I wouldn’t go near a ruler until day 90. I knew that I would otherwise measure myself every 3 hours and would soon become discouraged at the lack of noticeable progress. When I finally measured at day 90, I had gained 0.5” BPEL and 0.25”EG. From that point on, I was hooked. It’s now a almost a year and a half later and I’m still PEing religiously. In fact, I’ve gained another 0.25” in both length and girth.

Most of my gains came early on with jelqing, stretching and squeezing. I believe that I got up to 7.25 bpel x 5.25 mseg within the first 6 months to a year. It’s been a slow march since then, but I occasionally add an 1/8 inch hear and there. About a year ago, I realized that my base girth had reached 6 inches, but am not sure when that happened as I hadn’t measured that before. I think it’s a tad thicker now.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

Man, in the beginning I could gain like there was no tomorrow on the worst over conditioning PE programs and on a seriously carb restricted diet. I remember I once gained .5” in girth one month, .5” in length another, and then next to nothing for a long time. But I’m a super grower to begin with and I gained over 2” in girth and 4.5” in length in my first four years as a teenager. I did a lot of stupid things too and had times where I killed my erections for months from doing sets of thousands of wet jelqs. Literally thousands, and I found my notebooks from back then where I would do 1,000 wet jelqs and 2,000 kegels 3 days a week.

Now it’s 12 years later (since 2001 when I started) and I can still gain fairly good, maybe 1/4” a year with a lot of that specialized on head girth, but I can’t PE half-hazarded like I used to. I went for long periods of time where I didn’t PE because I lost all motivation or hurt myself. I had to get creative and get really smart about my PE programming because it seemed like all I did was either not grow or hurt myself for months and months and months. Everything I do now has to be focused on one goal, length OR girth, and progressive. No more of that “Hmm, I think today I’ll throw in some dry jelqs and Ulis. No wait, wait, we’ll do a hundred of this and then that new flavor of the week PE exercise.” You see a lot of routines like that with no real thought behind them and guys just throwing in new exercises.

I just kept the hand full of PE exercises that work for me, and try to add one more rep each time and keep everything under a certain time limit. I can only keep a good erection for so long and if I spend 15 minutes edging before and get too close to coming my erections for PE are going to suck, and if I have to keep masturbating to get a few more jelqs at the end what’s the point? It’s like trying to force yourself to workout for another couple of hours when you’re completely spent. You’re better off stopping going for the stretch or the pump or whatever and stopping when you just can’t do another perfect jelq.

You gotta find that sweet spot with PE where you feel a good stretch and don’t injure yourself, then count the number of days you need to rest until you’re 100% again. If you can only PE once a week that’s fine, but working the same area 2 times a week is better, no more than 3 or 4 days though. You need at least 3 days a week off to heal, maybe more or less with heavy and light days depending on if you’re gunning it for a few months, but you do need more rest than you realize just for your nerves alone. If you can’t get 4 good PE days a week then go to 3, if you can’t get 3 then go to 2, or do some lights days for a few weeks. Anything to keep it going and keep it fun.

The biggest thing about PE is you need to keep enjoying it. Don’t come to TP complaining about what you didn’t get, get discouraged, and give up, just have fun with your PE and the gains will happen. Look forward to your PE day. You should be like “Alright it’s Friday! I can’t wait to PE tonight when I have time.” And then keep notes of what you did. Like Devile said don’t measure for a while, because it will stress you out trying to force your body to grow when you want it to. I hardly ever measure because I so used to not caring about what the ruler says. If I lose a little I don’t care, I gain a little that’s cool, but I would rather not focus on making it a numbers game and just go by feel for motivation.

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

I like devilles mentality on measuring , I’m going to have to try that . The only two things I don’t enjoy about PE is knocks on the bathroom door and running out of lube haha.

I also think I’m going to start doing 4 on 2 off instead of 1 off after reading that jelqing with the ok grip is more dangerous. I’m going to continue with it though because the other ways are uncomfortable to me.

I think the best advise anyone ever gives on here is to be patient and stay away from the ruler once you have taken your first measurements. Start with the newbie routine and make sure you don’t overwork yourself. CC is right about the 90 day hiatus from measuring again. You are very likely to see a definite change in 90 days and that will convince you that what you are doing works and your motivation will be strong. Good luck

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