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How did you hear about Jelqing

How did you hear about Jelqing

I was just wondering how everyone came across PE and this site?

For me I was watching a documentary on the penis and about the male psyce linked to it. They showed alot of different PE techniques and devices. One person showed before and after shot of their penis and mentioned the word “Jelq”. So I googled the phrase and I came across a bunch of links. One of them was this site. And now iam here :)

On a bodybuilding site.

Through a file sharing program.

Bodybuilding site as well, thats when I became interested. But I remember having had a book on it in my hands once before i was twenty, that was in a sex shop. I put it down as bullshit. Oh lord, had I only…

Rock hard


From an old Arab guy……….only kidding from the Internet which got me to a yahoo group in 99 and than through that I found the original PE forum.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Typing in stuff in google like .. "Natural penis enlargement methods” etc.

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5

I heard about it when i purchased Prosolution pills and they gave me access to a free PE site.

A mid 90’s Hustler┬« article.

:rear: Always locked on the target.

Erect: 7.125" non-pressed length x 6.125" circumference

Flaccid: 5.5"x5.5"

Somewhere in 2004 maybe 2003 I saw some ads while I surfed the web (yes, porn sites) about penis pills that claimed to enlarge the penis. I didn’t think much of it (thinking it was fake) until I started seeing different penis enlargement ads, this time about “natural exercises”. This made me curious because you have to pay for pills but exercises is free. Of course when I went to the site you had to pay for the information! So I thought I’d google it and see what I find, after all it’s just information describing the exercises, which doesn’t cost anything to perform, so it shouldn’t be to hard to find somewhere on the net I thought. After much searching and wading though many, many pay sites I finally found a free site that described a PE program, I can’t remember what site it was though. The PE program consisted of a warm up using a cloth soaked in hot water, and then there was milking, which was what they called jelqs and manual stretching of course, then a warm down. Anyway, it was on that site I found a link to Thunders Place, and here I am.

90’s porn mag

(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

Photos Journal

On an andrology_scientific, yep!_ site

There is no such thing as jelqing. “No results found for jelqing.”

Feb 2004 BPEL 6.7" NBPEL ???? BPFSL ???? EG 5.65" Feb 2005 BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 6.9" EG 5.8" Feb 2006 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.6" EG 5.85" Feb 2007 BPEL 7.3" NBPEL 5.8" BPFSL 7.5" EG 5.9"

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