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How can I stop getting errect when stretching? Please help!


How can I stop getting errect when stretching? Please help!

I’m starting a routine where in the morning I’m supposed to stretch for 20minutes…Everytime I start to stretch I start to get hard and I have to wait a minute to go soft again and then within a few seconds of starting the stretch. I can repeat this over and over for ages but its really time consuming. I’d like to just spend a solid 20 mins stretching only stopping to change hands when they ache to much. Oh and I have tried stretching at different times, all the time I end up going hard. The only thing i can think of is to wank beforehand but I dont really like that feeling of stretching after and if I leave it to long after…say 10 mins will start to get hard again from stretching. I don’t even kegel that much to keep giving me these hard on’s. Ok I guess im asking if there are any techniques to stop getting errect. Please help

btw this is the thread my new stretches are coming from and I have a few questions at the end of that thread if anyone would also be willing to help. I’ve tried using the search button and can’t find anything to help.

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LOL ahhh I like the personal touch of people coming to offer advise, I’m sure plenty of people like to come and help newbies out, search button is so inpersonal, what if people have never made threads on this problem. What if I’m one of a kind and everyone else can manage to not have this problem

What if those same questions have been answered 100 times already and no one feels like answering them again? Then you are stuck with your own devices, which should include being able to use the search function effectively right?

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I will be sure to burn that image into my brain and think of it every time I come to stretch. Thats an unusual method and I do realise you posted it as a joke but it might actually work. Thankyou sir!

Do you stretch sitting down or standing?

I’ve noticed if I stand while stretching its easier to stay flaccid.

complex arithmetic, like 43x9 or something like that. It doesn’t take me too long but it definitely requires focus and by the time I figure it out I’m usually nice and limp. Long division works too, or going over sports statistics, etc. etc…

Originally Posted by Jelqival
I will be sure to burn that image into my brain and think of it every time I come to stretch. Thats an unusual method and I do realise you posted it as a joke but it might actually work. Thankyou sir!

I suggest you don’t, you may never be able to get it out!

Haha, yeah the main way to lose an erection or never get one is to think about something, maybe something that is really bothering, or whatever. Try reading something. I usually just think about school and all the ridiculousness going on.

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Momma said that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

You will eventually get used to it, or rather, your unit will. I’ve found that it’s not often I have a boner interrupt my PE session anymore. Distractions also help, like watching TV and such.

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I usually sitdown and watch TV like the news whilst doing it.Even if something terrible is being shown like deaths it doesn’t exactly help but I’ll try the standing up idea and keeping my mind occupied with maths. But it’s my 2days off atm so gotta wait till monday :) maybe I’ll just do alittle tho Hehe

I get semi erect when stretching also,but I still stretch and hold with it for a minute or two,I was told that this was a “high tension stretch” and better then normal stretch.maybe I was misinformed?

I had that problem in the beginning but its not so hard after a while when the body start to know that PE isn’t sex and don’t get erect.

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When you start to get erect Kegel really hard and hold it for as long as you can it should cause your erection to calm down. When you are new to PE your brain and cock are thinking your masturbating, after enough routines it will be more like work and those spontaneous erections won’t happen.

Also you can still stretch if you have a slight erection and your penis is still flexible.

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