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How can I prevent getting turkey neck

How can I prevent getting turkey neck

I’ve read about this and since I’m uncircumcised about abit worried. I’m thinking if I pull the for-skin back first before each jelq and make sure the scrotum skin doesn’t ride up and combine this with stretches on the scrotum downwards this should stop it. Am I right or can any1 offer more advise.

The best thing to do (or not to do) is to limit the amount of pressure/ pull you use. Take it easy, and gradually increase and as soon as you n0tice a swelling of the foreskin ease back. (The swelling usually precedes the excess skin) You will find you can increase the pressure gradually, but it should be done carefully.

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Well I’ve just done my ‘session’. I basically pulled the foreskin right back and made a V shape with my left hand and pinned it in place so it stayed back as far as possible pushing the hand into the fat over the pubic bone as far as possible(without having discomfort). So with skin tight and not able to move up I just had to jelq one handed and get my right hand as close to my body as possible. Earlier today somewhere, maybe on this site someone mentioned jelqing with conditioner and since I like to do mine in the bath/shower that worked great too. Such a great tip and moisturised my equipment too. Sunflower oil just doesn’t mix with the bathroom conditions.

I don’t jelq because I’m uncut and worried about my skin stretching, but if I were to start jelqing I’d try to find the slipperiest lube possible, in order to minimize the amount of friction so that the skin gets pulled as little as possible with each jelq stroke.

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