How can I optimise the time for PE I have?

Hi there fellow PE practitioners. I am a 55 year old married man from Sweden. I have looked into the art of PE before in life. But I have not continuously been doing it for a longer time. Now I am determined to follow through.
I am 173 cm and weigh around 90 kg. So, yes, I am bit overweight. I am working out three to four times a week, 30 minutes to an hour. I am slowly decreasing my weight. I eat lowcarb food.

My erect penis-size is 5.905/5.118 length/girth. I will try to gain the size 8/6, or more, erect. I know its all about patience and hard work.

Before my questions, here are some information on what I do today.

Every morning, monday to friday, I start my working hours with 15 minutes of PC-muscle workout, so called kegels. I retract 1 minute then release. Then I retract 4 seconds then release, retract 4 seconds then release, in a period of 30 seconds. Then I retract the PC-muscle and hold it for one minute again. And so on and so forth. At the 10th minute I exchange the 4 seconds retractions for quick and hard retractions and slow releasing for total of 30 seconds.
I’ve been doing it for four years and I have a rock solid erection when I get aroused. I have a good control of climax and I am getting closer to be able to climax without releasing any sperm. All because of a strong PC-muscle.

The last two weeks I have started with Jelqing. I don’t have much time during daytime. I have to use my lunch break. I have roughly 30 minutes of time for PE. I have done as follows. 5 minutes warmup with a “hot” cloth wrapped around my Penis and testicles. Then I do regular jelqs. I use “ok” grip with the thumb closest to my stomach. 3 seconds per “slide” upwards the glans. Stop at the glans while next hand apply its grip and the next “slide” begins and the first hand then release the grip. Penis pointing up. I have a lot of foreskin so I do the milking with the glans hidden under the foreskin. I do the milking with a 10% - 50% erection. My schedule is five days on and two days off.
There are possibilities to use an hour in the evenings at home for some PE.

My questions:

How should I optimise my time I have for PE? The 30 minutes at midday and possibly the 60 minutes at evenings? What routine do you recommend for me so that I really use the time optimal.
I have not used stretching so far. Is stretching something I should start doing or is jelqing enough for gaining the result I desire in 12 months?

/ Best Regards Soulmedeep