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How can I get more veins to show

How can I get more veins to show

I am wondering if it is possible or if anyone knows of an exercise that will increase the amount of veins that protrude from my penis in erect state. I know some girls who like the “meaty” look and some who like the “ripped” vein look. Right now I am jelqing stretching and clamping and have had great results in the past two months but have seen no vein’s a matter of preference I know but I would like some thick veins


A few more months doing what you’re doing should do the trick.

Pumping is also good for that.

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I have gotten good starting results from pumping @6herg for ten minutes. During which I do hard “ass” squeezes either against the floor while lying face up, or standing arched back slightly, hips forward. Don’t use a carpeted floor but a hard floor so you can tell when you lift your hips. I do them till I cramp or for the middle five minutes of the pump time. CAUTION: Put some time in pumping with 2herg to start with for awhile provided you haven’t pumped Before. Better yet, search for a routine from a vet like Avocet. Drink lots of water, I can tell when I havent had enough by the vascularity of the back of my hands. Little water equalls flat looking veins but with proper hydration the veins are more prominent and round looking. Arganine before bed with more water and no food. Hope these hints help.


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