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How about an in car traveling routine


How about an in car traveling routine

I currently drive two hour to work and two hours home four days a week. I’ve been doing fowfers on and off during the commute but I was wondering if any one could suggest some more productive exercises that I could be doing without drawing attention to myself on the road? This is four hours of alone time I would like to use productively.

Doesn’t sound like the best of ideas, but maybe an ADS could be worth a shot like PenismasterPro or andropenis. Just make sure to make a little stop or two on your way to readjust and check blood flow. But again PE’ing in a car I would never recommend as you should only have one focus then which is the safety of others and yourself.

I agree, maybe not the best idea, it just sucks that time seems to be waisted. I was considering a cock ring if I knew for sure that it helped with gains and would damage my penis from having it on so long.

I agree, maybe not the best idea, it just sucks that time seems to be waisted. I was considering a cock ring if I knew for sure that it helped with gains and would damage my penis from having it on so long.

I do a lot of driving too.

I get most of my kegel exercises in during this time. But that’s about it I guess.

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I would say to get a Vac Extender with a leg strap. I’ve been able to wear one for 6 to 8 hours at work.

Does your thang hang low? Does it wobble to the flo? Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? Can you throw it over your shoulder, like a 50lb boulder Does your thang, hang, low?


Upon reflection I suppose some kind of adjustable stretching setup could be developed.

I cant remember his name now but here I read about a vet that uses a pump while driving .

Dude don’t get pulled over with a device in your pants! That would be embarrassing. The cock ring isn’t too bad of an idea if you don’t wear it too long. Experiment to see how long you can withstand wearing one before driving perhaps. Fowfers isn’t too shabby an idea anyways.

Thanks for the advise everyone. Good stuff.

I think any car driving routine can be dangerous.

I think you should only do a extender routine while driving. Also a extender is one of the only routines that requires extended time use and 2 hour car drive fits that bill.

I drive about 800 miles each week just for my work. Seriously, the last thing we need on the road is another distracted driver. Kegel if you think about it, but stay focused on your driving.

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Ok so I have been using a cock ring on my travels and throughout my day. Seems to work good. While at home I’ve been doing edging with it on and it got me wondering why is it ok to do high pressure edging with a cock ring on or a clamp but jelqing high erect is so bad? I’ve actually been doing high erect dry jelqs very carefully along with some squeezing. I’ve been experiencing very good EQ from this ( rockhard) lol. Also massive thickness. The cock ring seems like it works great it almost seems like it jelqs you by itself as you go from standing to sitting or from hard to flaccid. Has anyone reported any solid gains from the use of a cock ring?

I like this idea as long as we can figure out what exercises can be done that doesn’t put anyone in danger. I have to do some driving today, I will try out a traveling kegel routine.

Could you carpool and let someone else drive while you are doing your routine?

I don’t think you are going to “gain” with a cockring.

However I think you can gain some through regular long duration edging. At the very least I think edging helps cement gains from PE.

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