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Hot wraps between sets

Hot wraps between sets

I was wondering if anyone else does this.

Basically, I add heat to the penis via hot wrap or my new thing, my penis inside a cup of hot water pressed against my body so the water doesn’t get out. I do it after every set in my PE routine. Whether I am stretching or jelqing, I do it in between sets. Lets say I do 3 sets of 100 jelqs, I add a hot wrap in between sets.

Maybe that is why I have not gotten those reds spots or discoloration on my penis.

Does anyone else do this?

Hey I do it too.

It feels good. I do in between sets of manual stretches. I do again at the end of my manual stretches before I start jelq.

Start: BPEL: 5 inches, EG:4.5 inches, NBPEL: 4.5 inches

Goal: BPEL: 6 inches, EG: 5 inches. NBPEL: 5.5 inches.Start Date 22nd Feb 2009.

"Oh baby, I love your naivete!".

I sit in hot water with a clamp on.

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