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Hot Wrap

Hot Wrap


I just joined today, and it feels like such a relief to find such a website. I can’t describe it. I read a ton (a TON a TON) and i want to get started! Maybe its just me, but i can’t find much info on a good “hot wrap” and I don’t want to be too obvious about using the microwave, so a ‘rice sock’ might be a bad idea because it needs reheating. any suggestions?

thanks a lot!


Try a seach on heat pads. My favourite is the Thermotex because it’s infrared, but there are much cheaper models around. Perhaps a scout around a hiking/snow&rock shop might bring up a chemical heat pad (the kind you crack to start a chemical reaction then boil to reset it). IR light bulbs and Thermophore pads have also been discussed extensively on Thunders.

Try an electric heating blanket. There is a special one that does moist heat. Ramrod has one, hopefully he will chime in, or you can run a search and jump across it.

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I am currently using a warm towel, a bit anoying because i have to re-wet/heat it every so often. I have heard of someone going push-up style on the ground, and dipping their penis into a cup or mug of hot/warm water, and i also often just count a hot shower as a warming session, weather it is before PEing or after


Wet wash cloth here. Get it hot and wrap it around your dick and it will stay while you was the rest of you. When I get out of the shower I immediately do my routine. One day stretches and the next day wet jelqs. After each routine I do a short warm down while I brush my teeth and shave.

Welcome to Thunder’s Gus,

I know a lot of people say that this isn’t the best but I do my warm ups in the shower and it seems to work for me. I have one of those removable shower heads so I can take it off and focus it right on my unit. That warming blanket RamRod got hold of sounds interesting though.

Good luck to you! Reading a ton is good. Knowledge is Power. Just remember to keep the newbie enthusiasm under control….lol. We don’t like seeing people injure themselves.

And you are correct….THUNDER'S ROCKS!!!!


Heating pad is the best way. No wetness, no reheating, no problems. Just apply for 5-10 mins and your good to go.

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