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hot wrap

hot wrap

what do you use for a hot wrap, what is a good temp, hot, warm, scalding?


Hot water from the tap - in a small towel… those little towels you wash your face with.

The temp i use makes my dick go a bit red - but it doesnt hurt.


I use a rice sock with my penis, at first, wrapped in a sheet to diffuse some of the heat, then, when it cools down some, i wrap it around the skin directly. It certainly shouldn’t hurt.

I would think that using something too hot too frequently would decrease sensitivity, but i’m extremely new at all this and am just speculating.

I hope you don’t wash your face with the same towel!

Bagel toaster, set to 6

I use a damp washcloth folded over (6in wide) wrapped around my stetched flaccid. I wrap a hot water bottle around that, and then wrap a dry towel around the water bottle to keep it from cooling off. This provides a long lasting heat wrap that gets hotter as you wear it. The water bottle should be very warm to hot to the touch, but not painfully hot.

I used small towels which i wet and place on a radiator fora couple of minutes, they heat up well better that hot water froma tap.

So alternate between them using each fora minute, in total getting a 5 to 10 min warm rap in. be careful the towel can get prettiny hot on the radiator, so push them against your body to check before wrapping on your mrmber.

I either:
dip my towel in a cup of boiling water, then let it cool of for about thirty seconds then wrap lighlty around the penis, and then repeat after two and a half mins.


Just point the shower head at my genitals on a hot heat, for about 5 mins… seems to be more intense than a hot wrap. I sometimes also stretch during this time but it can be slippy.


Heating pad, for microwave.

Works great.

They can be ordered on the web

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