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Hot Wrap

Hot Wrap

Do I have to hot wrap when I do the newbie routine? I have big family and don’t want to look suspicious taking time in bathroom. 20 minutes seems like to much time but that is all I feel is comfortable around family.

Well it’s best to warm up if you can.

You could obtain an infra red lamp and make the excuse you have a lower back problem. Take that to the bathroom and do your 20 minutes

You will need a pained expression as back-up :)

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It only takes 30 seconds or so to heat up a sock full of rice. Just take a hotpocket with you or something when you do it, and put the sock in your pocket :)

Rapidlol, you don’t have to warm up but it increases the gaining potential usually. You don’t need 20 minutes to warm up in the bathroom. 5-10 minutes should suffice. If that is a problem then you can either use a hot shower as a warm up or IR lamp. If you have a big family I’m guessing trying to warm a sock full of rice in the microwave isn’t something you would want to explain.

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I think it is best to do the warm up / warm down simply to avoid injury. If your bathroom bound, use a washcloth and really hot water to wrap it for just a minute. That should give you just enough to get started without shocking your unit and getting hurt. At the end, do the same and use an ace bandage wrap to keep it lengthened and trap the heat.

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