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hot wrap questions

hot wrap questions

hey guys , what kind of wraps do you use ? i just use a normal cloth but it only stays warm about 2-3 min so i definitely got to change , do you guys soak it once and put it on and have to soak it again or only soak it once?

I alternate two cloths during a wam up, a standard wash cloth (towel like material) and a very loose weave cotton cloth. They produce a different kind of heat and I’m not sure which is better or whether the combination is better, the wash cloth seems to hold a layer of water close to the penis and the loose weave cloth provides a more dry heat (but still moist). I can stand greater temperatures with the loose weave.

I use water as hot as I can stand (just below scalding level) in fact I sometime have to be careful in the way I hold the wrap as my penis can handle more heat than my hands. I wring the cloth litely and hold the wrap totaly covering penis and testes for as long as it feels hot then I massage for a few seconds and apply the next wrap. Normaly a five min warmup requires something like 10 wraps.

By the time I’m done my penis is larger and feels much more maleable expect after a jelqing session when wraps actualy reduce my size from the maximal end of session size and seems to cement gains.

Other guys on the board use rice socks. These are a simple as the sound a sock filled with rice (dry) and microwaved. Lots of guys rave about this method but I can’t coment cause I don’t own a microwave.

Alternates are hot water bottles or bowls of water. Personaly I can’t get decently warm from a bowl of water, there is a difference between a lightly wringed out wash cloth and water directly touching the penis. I think half the heat I get is by radiation.

Bib mentions a warmup pad in his product guide from

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thanks man

that was a big help because i wasn’t doing the hot wrap the correct way and never felt my dick like that , i know now i have to use a lot more wraps or use 1 more times , because i didn’t warm up correctly , jelq was kind a hard , now its great , thanks a lot! once again sorry for my awful English.


All I’m telling you is my way. Whether its the right way or the wrong way is up to you to judge and thats why its so good having a whole load of opinions to go on.

Remember you’re not trying to scald or cook your dick just warm it, its very easy to go over the top on the heat and then you’ll regret it.

I know when I’ve got the right temperature cause I feel an almost instant relaxation on application, like a wilting effect.

Your english is good. My descriptions sometimes verge not being english at all, and its my mother tongue :|

Hey Hello2

As Memento said, rice socks are preety good. Just put some uncooked rice in a sock and heat it for about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes in the microwave. It gives moist heat and lasts longer than wet cloths. You just have to change the rice after some time becouse it starts to get sort of burned and starts to smell. Im still looking for another warmup method becouse I cant use the microwave too much without people asking me “whats that for?” and such. Try it and let us know. Take care .


Another option

I’ve been warming up with a 12 - 15 min. soak in a hot bath (approx. 113 degrees). This may be too warm for those in cooler climates, but I live in the desert and am used to heat. I come out of the tub warm and extremely relaxed. This is the best warm-up I’ve found for a hanging or stretching session.

A cup of hot water.

This is the best warm up I have experienced. It should be quite hot but as Thunder has said in the past, “You are not trying to cook lobster!”

Place your penis in the cup and press the cup firmly against your lower abdomen. Make sure that your pubic bone and ligs are being heated thoroughly.

Do not put your testicles in the hot water. If they are touching the outside of the hot cup you can place them alone in a cup of cold water later to keep from destroying sperm cells and to insure that your testosterone stays at a higher level.

Remember that warm and moist heat is best. You can’t beat this technique for elevated blood flow to the penis.

Good luck,



i cant do that rice sock thing because people would notice it , a LOT! ,yesterday i used 2 towels of different fabric..i filled my sink with hot water in the bathroom , and as i was using one ..the other one was heating.. and so on , i did this exchange for about 5 mins , it felt good but my didn’t get bigger or anything like you said memento , since then i hot wrap for about 6 mins in the beguining , after the manual stretch and at the finish , i don’t feel anything in particular , i don’t feel like ” oh my dick is hot ” but it certainly is looser . Ive found that if hold tight to my penis , like applying a little pressure , i can feel the heat more , what do you guys think of my warm up , and by the way do you guys warm up the head alone? i just grab behind the head and stretch the dick out then i wrap him. Thanks in advance this board is great!

I hot wrap for 5 minutes before and after my workout with washcloths in warm water.

You said that your dick doesn’t feel hot, but is looser. Try putting your dick against your leg after your hot wrap. Your hands will be used to the heat, but your leg will not. You’ll notice that it’s hot.

yeah the rotating way is what I do. No chance to get cold (my house is colder than outside) :)

Do you massage between applications?

If its feeling loose thats what you want but mine definately feels hot. Might be worth cranking up the temperature a touch just to experiment if that makes you feel more loose. I went a bit mad on my voyage of discovery to find the right temperature and hurt myself a bit. There’s no point in going too hot.

Yeah compression can help a bit with heat transfer. I actually cause a little bit of compression with the wrap. I don’t pull though simply because I wrap everything including the bit of the penis inside the body.

I think it sounds like your warm up is doing the job nicely :)

Hi Hello2 !

I use my vacuum pump instead of a hot wrap , filled with warm to hot water .

It has 2 advantages : the cloth becomes cold again so early and the penis itself becomes much warmer than with the cloth . And the cells are already stretched a bit before your normal workout begins .

I hope it helped


The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !


I use a heating pad, and lately I’ve been going about 10-15 minutes with it. It definitely helps a LOT. Heat warmup is probably one of the most underutilized things, but when you feel the tissues loose and they expand easy…


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i got somethin thatl warm you up

nice meeting you hello,

when i first started PE warmin up was the part that i was kind of lethargic about, i also used to use a warm towel or cloth, then i started putting it in warm water. but then one day i was in the kitchen when i set my eyes on a glass bottle about 1/2 a gallon that must of been used to keep some type of juice…i felt a lightbulb glowin in my head so i decided to give it a try. i filled the bottle about half way with warm water, i put on the bottle from underneath so i wouldnt spill water, then i sat down in my chair in front of my computer desk, shook the bottle a lil bit creating suction, works like a charm, you just have to hold it with one hand or hold it with your leg and it wont spill, best possible method of warming up to my experience. Great for warming down after a work out too. I just check my email every mornin while i warm up doesnt get much easier than that, i’ve even gotten carried away a few times and left it on for too log while checkin my mail online. by the way if you want to know the bottle has about 6” around the opening and i am 4.5 girth. i dunno if it will work for you as well as it does for me but you should give it a try it’s much less of a hassle than warming up a towel over and over.

good luck



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