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Hot Wrap Alternative

Hot Wrap Alternative

Sorry to post so many questions, I did search on this and didn’t really find anything.

Anyway, putting a hot wrap on my penis would be out of the question because I live with two roommates.

But will having hot water in the shower replace the need for a hot wrap?

Also, what is the purpose of the “hot wrap” ? Is it to get the muscles relaxed? Is it very necessary?

Great question. I just joined the forum, and I’m in the same position and was wondering the same thing.

This question has been addressed before.


Originally Posted by matutinal_euphony

This question has been addressed before.

I didn’t really find anything when I searched for it.. So could you link me to it?

The purpose of warm up is to infuse blood and oxygen into the areas you’re about to stretch. It’s just like any exercise, whether you’re running, lifting weights, or whatever. If you go straight into it without warming up you risk injury, and it won’t be as effective.

Keeping your dick warm as you are stretching, jelqing, pumping or squeezing also seems to yield good results, but that’s the subject of other threads.

If you don’t have a way to warm your parts through a rice sock, infrared lamp, warm washcloth, or again, whatever (I use one of these filled with warm water) you can get some warm up by just pulling and shaking your package. For example: cup your balls in your hand with your dick between your thumb and index finger and jiggle it all around. Or grab the end of your dick and and pull out has you take your other hand and massage your ligs.

I usually get a wash cloth and soak it in some nice hot water. Then I keep it wrapped around my balls and member as I jiggle them around a bit. Then I will pull lightly and play around with the ligs a bit to get them ready for a stretch session. Sometimes the washcloth goes cold so I re-wet it with hot water once or twice during the warm up.

I imagine you could use hot shower water for the same purpose. Just have a steady stream of warm\hot water flowing over your unit and massage it and lightly play with the ligs to get some blood in there and get him ready for a nice work out.

Good luck!

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