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Hot Tub Jelqs


Good on’ya slax, and good luck to ‘ya. I think you’re right about a bathtub working, provided its deep enough to get good immersion of the abdomen. I had a couple buddies try HTJ as BTJs and to summarize their findings, the feasibility of getting them done was dependant on the depth of the tub’s relief drain (the opening that prevents over-topping of the tub). The relative inability to spread one’s legs wide enough also seemed to be a bit problematic. But give it a go. Let us know how it works for you.

I should point out that bathtub SPS extending works very well. Guys with extenders, word up!

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oh well. I don’t pe with any equipment. Just hands. Since I don’t own a hottub and all the ones I can get too aren’t private enough that idea is out. I’m also 6’4” tall and can’t really fit in the bath tub/must shower. i guess the clamp is the only “equipment” in my dicks future!

You’d be surprised what goes on beneath the bubbling waters of a hot tub. I seldom have visitors join me because I’m usually in the tub late or in the wee hours of the morning, but when they do I don’t let it stop my jelqing.

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