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Hot shower/wrapping damages male fertility?

Hot shower/wrapping damages male fertility?

Hi all,

I just read this story about laptops damaging male fertility by increasing the temperature of the scrotum which is thought can irreparably damage sperm production:

I’ve been sometimes using hot showers to warm up for PE - aiming the shower head directly onto the ligs and other areas and I let the water get really hot to ensure I am properly warmed up. Yet if the heat increase from laptops is damaging, surely warming up in this way is damaging too.

What do you think?

It doesn’t seem like it would do any damage to me, unless you were doing it for hours at a time or something. I think that’s probably how the damage is done by a laptop, over a lot of long periods of usage. I mean, there’s a lot of other things that warm up that area, hot tubs come to mind, but I’ve never heard of that damaging fertility. But that’s just speculation on my part.

Started Jul 04: 6.0" BPEL, 4.75" EG Sep 04: 6.125" BPEL, 5.125" EG Oct 04: 6.250" BPEL, 5.125" EG Nov 04: 6.500" BPEL, 5.250" EG Current Goal: 7.0" BPEL, 5.5" EG

The warming of the testicles has been a natural birth control method for centuries. The Japanese sit in hot tubs before sex for this reason.

I’d heard that, but can it permanently damage fertility if used long enough?

Started Jul 04: 6.0" BPEL, 4.75" EG Sep 04: 6.125" BPEL, 5.125" EG Oct 04: 6.250" BPEL, 5.125" EG Nov 04: 6.500" BPEL, 5.250" EG Current Goal: 7.0" BPEL, 5.5" EG

There was an article of research that stated sitting in a hot tub for 10 minutes at 104 degrees would make you sterile for a couple of months as the heat damages the sperm that are in storage and the ones being made. After all, that is why they are in a sack away from the body, to keep them cooler. Also men that wear boxers and not briefs are more likely to have healthier sperm.

I just logged in to the forum wanting to post the same question, only to see that J99uk already did it. I’m especially concerned about this, because I was diagnosed with a low sperm mobility early this year (I’m new to PE, so this low mobility had nothing to do with the heating issue). Anyway, I was treated and cured (mostly cured - I’ll still have to try “harder” then most men to make a child, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem).

So you’ll understand that I’m very concerned about any possibility of permanently damaging my sperm. And since PE can’t be done without a warm-up, I’d appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have.

This has gone a bit quiet - any advise from the pros? Methods to warm up the penis/ligs that wouldn’t damage the scrotum?

Actually you can’t get any permanent sperm damage from doing this. It is indeed a fact that the sperm cells are being killed when they get in contact with hot areas like when you’re in a hot tub. I’ve learned that you will be sterile for about 3 months when you sit in a hot tub. No permanent damage however. If you want to impregnate someone you just have to live and eat healthy for a couple of months so the sperm cells you produce in that amount of time become powerfull speed machines on their way to the egg.

I always wear a hot wrap around my dick but not around my balls just to be safe though…

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