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Hot pepper

Hot pepper

I made pasta the other day and i added hot pepper to the souse using my hands to cut it.
After dinner i did my routine, i got to say that jelqing felt a bit different…

The next day my unit was 1’ longer, joking it wasn’t, but what do you guys think the little burn do to the cells?

Inflame them. Do not fuck around like that again.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

:) )

Starting measures (1/1/2008): BPFL 4.50'', FG 4.50'', BPEL 6.25'', EG 5.25'' and so on .. :)

```````````````` 01/27/2009 : BPFL 5.70'', FG 5.10'', BPEL 6.90'', EG 5.60''

Haha, it wasn’t that bad actually.. Felt nice, would be nice to try to have sex after and surprise the lady :p

:) ) You are funny E Man ( in a positive way ). Guess if you try you discovery for a week, you could say by yourself if is good or bad

Starting measures (1/1/2008): BPFL 4.50'', FG 4.50'', BPEL 6.25'', EG 5.25'' and so on .. :)

```````````````` 01/27/2009 : BPFL 5.70'', FG 5.10'', BPEL 6.90'', EG 5.60''

Thanks, well I googled it, and it seems that hot pepper kills cells.. Oops. It kills cancer cells, but maybe other cells as well.

It says to be “inducing cell suicide”…6cb6271&k=45247 .

It was taken orally and not rubbed on the cells, but inducing cell suicide may couse a faster cell cycle and there for we can know of our cemented gains, or even make it easyer to PE since you will have less cells to work on at a given time.

Anyways, I’m not one of those “read alot of articles and like to come up with a new scientific methods” kind of guy, but I think it could be an interesting side to check if one of those guys are interested.

Funny thing that.
Maybe use Bhut Jolokia chillies next time? (This is a joke for the love of god don’t)
They are the worlds spiciest chillies I happen to have some but I don’t think ill use them.

Maybe they would help with discoloration?

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Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

I’ve found few more articles, it seems that there are creams containing capsaicin, that’s a thing that coused hot pepper to be hot.

“Used externally, it is a strong rubefacient stimulating the circulation, aiding the removal of waste products and increasing the flow of nutrients to the tissues”


Spicey food is also a vasodilator.

Spicy foods excite the nerve endings in the skin and mucosa (lining of the mouth and digestive tract) that normally respond to high temperature or injury. The information is carried by pain fibres to the central nervous system. The brain makes a judgment based on the type and variety of stimuli being received and occasionally misinterprets the information. Thus, the stimulation produced by the chemicals in spicey foods causes the brain to perceive an extreme of heat and initiate responses such as sweating and vasodilation (visible on the person’s face as flushing).

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