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Hot lube?

Hot lube?

Night, brothers!

I’m a real newbie to PE, really started a routine about a month ago!
Was doing some dry jelqs before, but nothing serious!

Right now I’m doing the newbie routine: warm up, stretch, wet jelqs, cool down!

I used the search engine, before anyone asks, and found a lot of information about lubricants, but couldn’t find a thread that could really answer my doubt.

The thing is, heat is a key to gains right? I get that and the science behind it!!

In the first weeks I was using a lube that I also use to do tantric massages.. And it is one of those “hot” ones, you know? It’s called K-Med Hot, you guys sure know it! After week two switched to baby oil.. For no logical reason, just did it..

Now, my question is this: if the heat is key, using a lubricant that provides it during jelqs would help a LOT, right? Should I get back to using it?

Really sorry if there’s already a thread that answers this, I couldn’t find it.

I’m not sure that a lube that gives the sensation of heat will replace actual heat. That being said, I’d be interested to find out the facts. My instinct is that it won’t, but who knows?

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